The EpicCraft Network

A community driven Minecraft Network with SMP+ at heart


Grief Protection

Nobody likes to come back to their build and find it griefed, however claiming land gets rather confusing when you also want to give others access to your builds and bases. Instead of this, we monitor changes to the world so that if grief occurs, we can quickly roll it back and deal with the culprit!

Proximity Voice Chat

Want to speak to the people around you without having to compete with everyone else in a single voice chat? We use Plasmo Voice to allow our users to talk to those around them! This is optional too!

Upgraded Spawners

Mob spawners are always fun to find and turn into farms but sometimes, they're in really inconvenient places! If you have an Iron Pickaxe or better, you can now pick up the spawners and place them somewhere better! We also allow them to stack up to 15 in one spot to make farms more compact!

Mob Eggs

Got a few spawners that don't really suit the mob type of your farm? Try throwing some eggs at mobs! If you're lucky, you can catch them inside the egg! Just like Pokemon! You can also use these eggs on a spawner to change it's type!

Tree Felling

It's fun to go chop down a tree or two (or deforest a whole area) but it takes such a long time! Not anymore! Break the tree and the whole thing will fall down! Just watch out, falling trees are bad for your health.

Donation Perks

Want to help support the network? We accept donations in both money and time! If you help us out, we will help you out with some fancy cosmetics such as hats and wings!

World Map

Want to show your friends a build that you've made?.. or look around for a nice area to start your adventure? We have a live (-ish) map that shows the worlds in your browser.

Mob Stacking

Having a lot of mobs in the world at once slows down the server and ruins the experience. In order to combat this, we stack hostile mobs that are close to eachother. This allows farms to continue working whilst keeping our server running smoothly.

World Generation

Whilst we're currently using 1.17, we've added the 1.18 caves update! We've also pregenerated all of the chunks so that traveling long distances won't slow things down!


Currently, we support 1.17 and our Survival SMP+ server has the 1.18 Preview caves enabled. Once 1.18 has been released, we will look into upgrading the whole network to support this.

We know that having a lot of rules removes the fun from playing. This is why we keep things simple.

  1. Griefing and Stealing (Raiding) is strictly forbidden. Everything is logged so we will know.
  2. Be nice to your fellow players. PVP is enabled but we are not a PVP based server.
  3. Exploiting anything on this server is not allowed. If you find a bug, report it!
  4. Modded clients are allowed but we do not allow any addons that give an unfair advantage. No Xray, Killaura, Speed, Fly, ect…

As always, the Moderators and Admins will always have the final say when it comes to our rules. If they tell you to stop, I’d recommend listening to them! Just be awesome to eachother!

Go ahead! Whilst we don’t offer a fixed list of client modifications we allow or disallow, we rely on our community using a little common sense when choosing which mods to install. We also offer a client mod pack too that we feel offers all of the enhancements we recomment whilst keeping the performance impact low.

If you want a minimap, optifine, ambient sounds and such, do it! We are fine with these kinds. However, if you are using anything that gives you an advantage over other players such as fly, xray, reach and kill-aura, you will be warned and potentially banned.

If you’re not sure, just ask!